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Storytelling packages for primary schools

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I bring together my time as a writer, an actor and broadcaster to show children the joy of books, reading AND writing. 


What I can offer:

1. Storytelling – Bringing books to life. For the older children, I enact my own stories, making the sessions fun and dramatic. For the younger children, it is very interactive. Hence, I give a younger child, one of my books as a prize for the best dragon 'roar'!

2. Creative writing workshops – Class based workshops for up to thirty children. Encouraging children to relish the magic of using their imaginations to create and write their own stories. I explain a simple story construction and together, we create a story outline, based on their ideas.

3. Parents reading to their tamariki workshops - Give parents that confidence to read with and to, their tamariki. ? My session looks at why and when to read and how to make it personal to their circumstances and their individual needs/wants.   

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