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I love radio, listening to podcasts, audiobooks, music.


So to be able to write and then record my books and short stories for radio, is an enduring pleasure. Perhaps the greatest fun is working out the different voices, so that they reflect the characters I am trying to create. How would a kiwi talk, or a boy, or a four metre dragon or a nervous flying Easter Bunny, as well as host of human voices?Recording my book, Chylgar - The Crown of Power’ was a major challenge. Set in a mystical world meant I couldn’t use regional or ethnic accents, but I had to dream up 34 different voices. As an aside, I do wonder why recording the voices of ‘the baddies’, is somehow more fun.

In terms of quiet celebration, being commissioned to write and record stories for the children’s show ‘Suzy Cato and Friends’, a weekly programme that has just won the , ‘Best children’s radio show’, in New Zealand, has meant a huge amount to me.


So here I am, after three years with; a radio drama, numerous short stories for radio, a podcast and audio books. But it’s not time to stop and I am excited to be doing a new series for Suzy Cato. This one is called 'Princess and the Unicorn'. Scripts signed off and now getting the voices sorted for recording. Still trying to work out how a crocodile talks.

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