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Boy and the Wolves
of Chylgar
A story of magic, adventure and fantasy for children 7-12+years old.

An ordinary boy who hates his name.
A boy who is drawn into the world of Chylgar, by the talking wolves who protect the Land.
Aided by two local children, they ride the giant wolves on a perilous journey to seek a cure for the sickness that ails the wolf packs.
Tracked by the Emperor's soldiers, threatened by monstrous creatures, Boy discovers he has a special gift. 
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The Crown of Power
The second in the series after 'Boy and the wolves of Chylgar'.

Boy is called back to Chylgar.  The Emperor's Warlocks and soldiers have invaded, searching for the 'Crown of Power'.

Boy, riding on the giant talking wolves return to the Purple Mountain, site of the Lost City.

Chased by Warlocks, soldiers and the Emperor's beasts, Boy must use his powers to protect them. Can they discover the Crown of Power before the Warlocks and save the Land? 
The Dragons of Malescia
A six episode fantasy adventure serial for children. Twelve-year-old Callam finds a stone of unusual thinness and colour. He tells his best friend Leisha, together they try to find out more about it.

They meet a museum professor, who behaves suspiciously, an elderly couple who know much about the stone and its history than they say. Is it a stone or a scale of a mythical beast?
To his horror Callam turns into a dragon at night. He tells Leisha and together begin their exciting journey of magic, monsters and mystery.
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Imogen and Roari's
These twelve delightful short stories were originally commissioned for the award winning radio show 'Suzy and Friends.

In each story, Imogen and Roari the dragon meet a new character from Bluey the penguin, Leopold the Illustrious - the sea lion to the Easter Bunny. It includes to Xmas stories. Narrated by Simon Taylor with fun voices for each animal and bird. 
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