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Storytelling packages for primary schools

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I am offering storytelling, creative writing workshops and parents reading to their tamariki, workshops at your school. 


I can offer:

  1. Storytelling – Bringing books to life. Using my own books, I enact the stories, making the sessions fun and dramatic. For the younger children, it is very interactive. Hence, I give a younger child, one of my books as a prize for the best dragon 'roar'!

  2. Creative writing workshops – Class based workshops for up to thirty children. Encouraging children to relish the magic of using their imaginations to create and write their own stories. I explain a simple story construction and together we create a story outline, based on their ideas. I ask that teachers give time for the children to subsequently write their story and then send me the top four stories. I will pick the one I feel shows the most promise and send a prize of a $20 book token.

  3. Parents reading to their tamariki workshops - Give parents that confidence to read with and to, their tamariki. What adult does not remember the joy of being read to as a child. What teacher does not know the benefits to a child of reading with their parent(s).. But how many parents fear to make that first step? My session looks at why and when to read and how to make it personal to their circumstances and their individual needs/wants.   

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Manuka package


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Storytelling packages

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