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Welcome to my website


As a child I loved adventure fantasy books. And to hear them on the radio was the best.


Now I enjoy writing them, recording them for radio, for audio books or for telling my stories in schools.


I write and record for children of all ages, so why not find out more, by clicking on the sections above. 

I am a storyteller on Read NZ. Click on the logo to visit their website and book me.

Imogen and Roari the Dragon – A big adventure

Amrit absolutely loves the first Imogen and Roari book. It's definitely one of her favourites and she's noticeably improved her reading skills with it!


Imogen and The children of Undurbedd


My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves your book! She really enjoyed all the characters and has told friends and family members about it. Thank you so much.


Boy and the Wolves of Chylgar

My older niece really enjoyed the book Boy and the Wolves Chylgar - she says she loves how different the story is to other books she's read.

 Hope that’s all you need now? Shout if I have missed anything.

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