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The second in the series; 'Boy and the wolves of Chylgar'.

Boy is called back to Chylgar.  The Emperor's Warlocks and soldiers have invaded, searching for the 'Crown of Power'.

Boy, riding on the giant talking wolves return to the Purple Mountain, site of the Lost City.

Chased by Warlocks, soldiers and the Emperor's beasts, Boy must use his powers to protect them. Can they discover the Crown of Power before the Warlocks and save the Land?   

Simon Taylor
Illustrated by Bemmygail

Roari and Imogen

An enchanting story about  eight year old Imogen and her unexpected visitor, Roari the Dragon.

Beautifully illustrated, it describes how Imogen "calls" Roari from another land and how together, they fly off in search of Scratch, a lost puppy.

For 3-7 year olds.



Imogen and Roari go to the seaside

This is the second book in the series about Imogen and her best friend, Roari the dragon.

Imogen is sad because she has never been to the seaside. Can Roari help?

The delightfully illustrated story brings to life this magical tale as once again Imogen and Roari fly off on another big adventure.

For 3-7 year olds.



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Imogen and the Children from Undurbedd
Simon Taylor

Imogen and the Children of Undurbedd

Imogen's best friend is a 4-metre-tall dragon called Roari. She is about to meet the children from a land called Undurbedd, where the people live in harmony with the land.

She meets and becomes friends with two local children. She becomes known to the leader of the village and learns she is the only means of saving the Land from destruction. 

A story of magic and adventure with wonderful illustrations by Bemmygail

A story for 6 - 10 year olds 



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Boy and  the Wolves of Chylgar

A story of magic, adventure and fantasy for children 7-12+years old.

An ordinary boy who hates his name.

A boy who is drawn into the world of Chylgar, by the talking wolves who protect the Land.

Aided by two local children, they ride the giant wolves on a perilous journey to seek a cure for the sickness that ails the wolf packs.

Tracked by the Emperor's soldiers, threatened by monstrous creatures, Boy discovers he has a special gift.

Can he control the power?

Can he protect the wolves?

Will they be in time?

A journey of magic and adventure.

Due to the Covid 19 virus,

the Storyteller service below

is  suspended until further notice

Story Teller

Author and trained public speaker. I have a relaxed but dramatic delivery to bring my stories to life.

I am a storyteller of my own  works to large or small groups of children aged 4-11 years old..

Free to Schools

I  believe in the importance of encouraging children to enjoy reading and storytelling.

At no charge, I deliver storytelling sessions in a dramatic and interactive fashion to engage with the children. I want  to inspire them to read and for them to understand that books  are fun and exciting. 

Recommendations (Examples)

St Paul’s C of E School Nuneaton:

“Simon came into our school for a morning and entertained the Year 1 and 2 children. Simon’s input makes them come to life with his brilliant delivery and affable personality. He certainly inspired the children who now all want to be authors - even the boys.”


Quinton Church Primary School

Thank you so much for your visit to our school yesterday - there has been a buzz around school as we have talked about the morning the children had yesterday.  One member of staff has written the following for your  site:



The visit we had today the author Simon Taylor was very enjoyable for both the children and staff. He read to the children in an animated way and encouraged them to participate in the story while he was reading.  The children also learnt a song, with actions, to go along with the story, which helped to bring the story to life for them.  The children were immersed from beginning to end and I am sure it is an experience they will remember for a long time. Thank you for coming to visit Quinton Church Primary School.

And critically, what the children thought. There are too many to show. So here are a few from one class in one school. 

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