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Storytelling Packages

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Storyteller Packages for

Primary Schools

I am an established children’s author, storyteller and radio broadcaster (e.g. Susie Cato and Friends radio show). I am offering storytelling, creative writing workshops  and parents reading to their tamariki, workshops at your school. 


What I can offer:

  1. Storytelling – Bringing books to life. Using my own books, I enact the stories, making the sessions fun and dramatic. For the younger children, it is very interactive. Hence, I give a younger child, one of my books as a prize for the best dragon 'roar'!

  2. Creative writing workshops – Class based workshops for up to thirty children. Encouraging children to relish the magic of using their imaginations to create and write their own stories. I explain a simple story construction and together we create a story outline, based on their ideas. I ask that teachers give time for the children to subsequently write their story and then send me the top four stories. I will pick the one I feel shows the most promise and send a prize of a $20 book token.

  3. Parents reading to their tamariki workshops - Give parents that confidence to read with and to, their tamariki. What adult does not remember the joy of being read to as a child. What teacher does not know the benefits to a child of reading with their parent(s).. But how many parents fear to make that first step? My session looks at why and when to read and how to make it personal to their circumstances and their individual needs/wants.   


See below for​

  1. Link to my website.

  2. A couple of my many flattering reviews.


I look forward to hearing from you





Simon Taylor



  1. Sample Spreadsheet  of sessions available and costs.

There is flexibility within this and I am happy to discuss this further to ensure the programme reflects your children’s needs.

Please note, if your school is within 20k of Hastings, there would be NO travel costs.


Simon Taylor



Manuka Package ($400)

A. Storytelling for 4-7year olds

Imogen and Roari the dragon go to the beach

Very interactive – voice and movement. (Book prize for best dragon roar)

1.  Location - Main Hall

2.  Max number -  circa 120

3.  Length of session once assembled - circa 50 mins


B. Storytelling for 8-11 year olds

Chapters from 'Boy and the Wolves of Chylgar'

Dramatic delivery featuring a range of voices

1. Location - Main Hall

2. Max Number - circa 120

3. Length of session once assembled - circa 50 mins

50 mins

Silver Fern Package ($500)

Storytelling AND creative writing

Creative writing for 8-11 year olds

The children and I discuss the importance of reading and writing and then together we discuss story construction and create the bones of a story, for writing up after. Top four stories are sent to me. I pick ‘the best’ and send a Paper Plus voucher for $20

1. Location - classroom

2. Max number - 30

3. Length of session - circa 50 mins

Kauri Package($700)

As above Plus a class for parents


Let’s read to our Tamariki

A class for parents, exploring the benefits of reading to their children and ways to help them focus on how it may be done to reflect their and their children’s needs.


1.  Location - classroom

2.  Max number - 30

3.  Length of session - circa 50 mins

Further Details:

1. Website


2. ​Reviews of Storytelling sessions

Simon Taylor provided our tamariki with an amazing, captivating experience with his storytelling and then creative writing lesson. Through these sessions he inspired them to go away and read and write. We would love to have Simon come back and visit our school again.

Lytton Street School     


Kind regards,

Anna Lewis


Hi Simon,


Hope you are well.



Firstly, Thank you for coming to visit our school on Wednesday, It was a fantastic and engaging experience. 


The children really enjoyed the sessions, they were engaged and were very intrigued to find out what happened next. 

       Secondly, Greg and I personally felt that the story writing workshops were highly beneficial not just for the  session you conducted but also for future writing opportunities. The children were inspired when they began to plan and write their stories.  Thank you once again for visiting our school, feel free to use our comments.

Kind Regards


Hannah Gordon

Year 4 Teacher

Halesowen CE Primary

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